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Welcome to E-Tel Systems

Service: It’s what we do Best

This is probably the most important information on our website, because service is the most important part of any solution that E-TEL can deliver. The solution is only as good as the people and the team putting it in. Likewise, the solution is only as good as the service after the sale.

E-TEL’s soul is our Service. We try to make every customer feel like our only customer. Our exceptional growth is due to the great referrals our customers routinely give. Service is everything. It’s what we do best.

Maintenance & Support

The E-TEL M&S plans were created to provide you with as much protection as you need to guarantee maximum uptime and reliability of your telephony solution. Our commitment is to provide you with the best service and support in the industry. We’ll focus on your phones so you can focus on your customers.

E-TEL M&S Plans come in two basic flavors; Full-Coverage and Remote-Only Support. Either plan can be tailored to meet any specific need.

      Full-Coverage and Remote-Only Support Chart



Remote-Only Support

Unlimited Remote Moves, Adds, Changes (M.A.C)

Unlimited Helpdesk Support

Unlimited Remote Support & Administration

Priority Queuing


24/7 Remote Alarm Monitoring

6-months additional warranty, free

Free Product Correction Notice (PCN), Service Packs, and Software and Firmware updates

Refresher End-user and Admin Training

Annual PM visit and system/service analysis

Free on-site, warrantee/maintenance related service calls;
no labor charges

Complete coverage and repair/replacement of all provided hardware, software, materials, and equipment;
no replacement costs

Free system-level, annual, software release updates


We stock “crash kits” for emergency response and disaster recovery purpose. These are complete systems in-stock and ready to go at all times. If your system is irreparably damaged in an emergency, we can usually have a replacement to your location on the same day. We’ll keep your phones in service so that you can focus on running your business.

The E-TEL Guarantee:

All E-TEL work is always guaranteed. We believe so intently in our capabilities that you can rest easy on the work and service.


Legacy Systems Support

Still hanging on to that old system? “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”, right? We understand. In fact many of our customers are “legacy” customers. Avaya, Lucent, and even AT&T have always made great, reliable, long-lasting products.

A legacy system is an old technology or application which may continue to impact the organization due to its historical role. For a variety of reasons, a legacy system may continue to be used, sometimes well past its manufacturer-supported lifetime. It may be that the system still provides for the users' needs, even though newer technology that allow more productive and cost-effective methods of performing a task are now available.

E-TEL can service just about any legacy Avaya, Lucent, AT&T system

  • Partner ACS, Partner Plus, Partner II, Spirit
  • Definity, ProLogix
  • Merlin Legend, Merlin Magix
  • Audix, Intuity, Octel, AVA, CAO


Moving/Relocation Support

Office relocation is a major task. There is tremendous coordination. You can liken it to being an NFL coach. You have to know the plays, know your players and trust they know what they are doing.


Comprehensive Training

Since your ability to effectively use your new technology is critical to the continued success of your business, training is an integral part of every E-TEL project. We take the time to make sure everyone on your team knows how to use the system to its full potential – from the occasional user to the receptionist to the system administrator. After your initial training, which is included in every system we sell, we’re on call whenever you have a question to make sure you know how to do everything you’ll ever need with the system.


Carrier/ISP Consultation

We’ve been installing phone system, data networks, and cabling for over 20-years. We admit we aren’t a carrier/ISP nor do we pretend to be, but we have to work with, plug in to, and deal with all the carriers on a regular basis. We know what makes them tick. We know the good ones and the bad ones. We won’t necessarily recommend anyone in specific, but we will be glad to point you in the right direction.

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20-years in business and the best service reputation in the industry

We don’t just support Avaya, we support the entire solution!
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