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Government - Overview
Government Solutions from E-Tel Systems

Government Experience you can count on…

E-TEL has worked with various Federal, State, and Local, government agencies since 1992, including DOL, NOAA, DEA, IRS, HHS, FBI just to name a few. E-TEL is authorized to sell and support the entire range of Avaya large and small business solutions.

Enterprise Solutions Mobility (Wireless) Solutions
Small Business Solutions Conferencing Solutions
Communication Servers Services Solutions
VoIP/IP Telephony solutions Professional Services
Contact Center Solutions Training Courses and Media
Data Networking Solutions Premise Distribution Media
Messaging Solutions  

Past projects range from the a simple 2 telephone installation for an emergency management office all the way up to the headquarters of a prominent government agency with thousands of users.  No matter what your project entails, E-TEL will complete it quickly, competently, and smoothly.

Classified Work
We have extensive experience with classified projects.  In fact, over half of our employees are cleared to the Secret level or higher.  A full quarter of our staff holds Top Secret clearances.  We have a secure location onsite, and complete multiple secure projects every year.

Avaya is a leader in secure technology.  They had the first Voice over IP telephone system to be approved for use in classified applications, among a robust catalog of approved hardware, software and services.  Our experts will work with you to design exactly the system you need while keeping your sensitive information safer than ever.

For ordering and sales assistance please go to the contact us page and complete the form or call us now at 703 904 1700

Avaya IP Telephones deliver an extensive set of software features, high audio quality, and attractive streamlined design. Avaya IP Telephones operate with industry-standard protocols and advanced software, including the H.323 and SIP protocols for voice communication over an Internet Protocol network, G.711, G.729A/B and G.726A voice codecs and a variety of Quality of Service (QoS)  capabilities. Those include User Datagram Protocol (UDP) port selection at Layer 4, Differentiated Services (Diffserv) priority numbering at Layer 3, and 802.1p/q at Layer 2.

Options Include:

  • Integrated Fiber Network Interfaces
  • TSG Security features
  • Level 1 TEMPEST Version
  • Custom Colors
  Avaya 9620L, 9611G 9650 models
Features/Versions TEMPEST Non-TEMPEST
LAN Port Fiber Fiber or RJ45
PC Port Fiber Fiber or RJ45
AUX Port Optional Standard
Speakerphone Not Available Optional
TSG6 Feature Optional Optional
Headset Optional Optional

10/100/1000, GigE, fiber interfaces with FC, SC, ST, LC, or MT-RJ connectors. Customer can specify each port connector separately. Port speeds and features dependent upon phone model.

Dimensions (HxWxD): 8.0” x 10.5” x 9.0”
Weight: 3.0 - 4.1 lbs
Power: 100-240V, 0.5amp, 50 watts

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