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Businesses are all a buzz about wireless technology. Done the right way, it can have tremendous benefits to corporate productivity and deployment. However, good old fashion copper will never go out of style and will continue to be the foundation for voice, video, and data communications. Besides, you’ll still need to connect to all of those Wireless APs right?

At E-TEL we think of Structure Cabling as almost an art. Our technicians are more like craftsmen. Most can identify good work when they see it. That is what makes our work different. No messy “rats nest”; just clean, straight-forward, well organized, clearly labeled, and logical wire management; every time, on every job. If fact, we feel it is so important to keep it organized that wire management is not an option, it is a requirement. You get it whether you want it or not. Our team of specialists and certified Structured Cabling “craftsmen” hold their work to higher standards, even though in most cases the work is rarely seen. This is what makes E-TEL different in the seemingly endless morass of cabling vendors and cheap alternatives. This is also why we are not the cheapest guy in town, everybody knows the cheapest-guy only causes you headaches down the road.

Structured Cabling Capabilities

  • Complete Project life-cycle management
  • Voice, data, video, and other forms of Low Voltage cabling
    • Voice over IP system (VoIP)
    • Data center design
    • Custom Conference Room and A/V build outs
    • HVAC Communications
    • Paging Systems, Door phones, call boxes
    • Security systems cabling
  • Copper
    • Cat 3, Cat 5, Cat 5E, Cat 6, Cat 6A
    • Tie cables and ISP / ITSP Extensions
    • Patch Panel labeling and organization
  • Coax
    • Coax video distribution
    • RJ-11 Trunks and extension
  • Fiber
    • Fiber back bone
    • Fiber ISP / ITSP extensions
    • Multimode and Singlemode
    • Fiber optics to the desktop
    • SC, ST, LC, MTRJ connection
  • MAC (Move, Add, Change) work
  • Wireless access points
  • Tyco AMP Certified
  • Testing and Documentation
    • Fluke DTX-1600 Category 6 testers w/multimode and singlemode fiber optic test adapters

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How can I be a part of the BYOD revolution?
Contact E-TEL today and we’ll walk you through how to properly deploy and develop your WLAN strategy.

What is BYOD?
“Bring Your Own Device”. This technology allows employees to bring and use the devices they may already own and are comfortable using (e.g. iPhone, iPad, Androids, and other “smart” devices)

Learn more about BYOD and Avaya WLAN


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